Start Berane

Driving licence : 

B category

10 hours + tour

Maximum altitude: 2139 m

Number of persons – 4-8 min  (4 AVT cars)

Adventure description:

The sightseeing tour of Prokletija, Bogicevice, Visitor, Hajla... No limit... Starting with the tour around the lakes (Plav lake, Visitor Lake, Hrid lake, Kosutina pond), National park Prokletije, Komovi, Kaludarska kapa, ethno village Oka i Po, mountain village Grebaja, Bajrovica mountain village, village Selma... beautiful scenary where you can take wonderfull pictures..

The journey can start from Berane, Plav, Gusinje, Kolasin..

AVT adventure includes:

A guided tour



Insurence (optionally) 

Recommended equipment:

Wind jackets

Multilayered clothes

Sports shoes (depending on weather conditions)

Rent equipment:

GoPro camera

Camping equipment


Restaurant Cardak Gradisnica,

Overnight stay in ethno village Oka i po Kaludra (

Mountain village Stavna (

Look at the photos from this adventure: