VELOMOTORS group is the company which deals with manufacturing of modern bicycles, motocycles, AVT vehicles and motor sledges. VELOMOTORS has got its branches in all bigger regions of Russia.
The company has started with its work in 1996 as a wholesale of bicycles made in Russia. In 2003 they built their first factory in Moscow region. Because of their high quality products, the company  has gained the attention of Russian consumers.The right marketing/adverising  and the development of produced bicycles became the base for the fast grow of the company. Soon VELOMOTORS has become widely accepted among consumers and experts.
In order to be better recognised the concept of brand STELS has been made. STELS  got the great popularity all around Russia and abroad. STELS bicycles and motorbikes have become the symbol of revolutionised breakthrough of Russian manufactures on the market of high quality products. The producing programme was extended with AVT vehicles, which were assembled in VELOMOTORS factories by the licence of leading manufacturers.
The company Velomotors consists of factory in Zukovki (Brjansk district), the assembling part in Kubink (Moscow Region) and in Kirilovsk (Krasnodarsk Region) as well as in several logistics centres, of which one is located in Ljubercij, near Moscow.
The factory in Zukovka is equiped with modern and high tech innovative equipment. The VELOMOTORS as company invests constantly in its development.
During years, the VELOMOTORS  has mastered the technology of producing pipes, chasses, plastic parts, seats, as well as painting, handy and automatic welding, laser cutting, sheet metal etc.
The high requirements of control quality and  the great availability (60% of spare parts is from their own production) enable the consumers to have the highest level of product quality and services. 
Thanks to the wide selling net , the consumers can find STELS products all around Russia and in CIS.
The  VELOMOTORS  group factories are certified with the standard  ISO 9001:2011 according to international quality system.
The certification is done in harmony with long term strategy where the optimatization of business process and  the improvement of quality standard have been involved. 
As a result ,technological processes all together with design and projecting, development, production, maintenance and service with the addition of spare parts fulfill all requirements of ISO 9001:2011 standards and that enables teh consumers to have products and service of high quality.